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what we do

Google Ads

Adverts in Google and all other popular services such as Bing, Yandex, Baidu. Power of these tools is to increase sales and visibility.

Social Media Marketing

Properly selected content and careful targeting of advertisements to a specific group of recipients are a recipe for effective image creation and sales.


SEO is activities carried out for the website to achieve the highest position in the organic search engine results for specific keywords.


A tool that makes users return to our site. Ad creations tailored to the preferences of potential customers and the focus of activities around encouraging to buy.


We share our knowledge in the field of internet marketing. Trainings are dedicated to business owners and specialists employed in marketing departments.

Website designing

A comprehensive process of preparing a website and online stores. We professionally consult and implement website designs tailored to customer expectations.


We run a SWOT analysis
which helps us to understand
the strengths and weaknesses
of your business.


We implement,
test and optimize.


We analyze, research
and consult the current
situation of each client.


We plan and discuss
our strategy together
with a client – they are
the most important for us.


We stabilize and do tweak
a campaign all the time.

Our partners

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