Google Ads. How competitors’ clients become our clients

Google Ads. How competitors’ clients become our clients

In previous texts, we mentioned what Google Ads is and how this tool really affects the visibility of the website and sales results. This time we would like to tell you more about reaching new customers and how to make our ads visible to users interested in our competition’s products.

How to reach our competitors’ clients via Google Ads.
Google Ads is definitely one of the most effective advertising tools, which also allows to analyze a market and observe the changes. By constantly optimizing the campaign, a very interesting option is to target display ads, hereinafter referred to as GDN, on users visiting competitors ‚websites, making purchases in similar to our online stores, using our competitors’ mobile applications.

How to set-up GDN, to reach new clients.

By analyzing a Google Ads campaign, you can determine the group of competitive sites visited by potential customers and the strategy on how to reach them. You can create a new campaign, enter the right search engine keywords, URLs, application and YouTube videos likely to be viewed by our potential customers. It’s best to group selected phrases and URLs so that Google Ads can easily reach the perfect audience.

Once you set-up a GDN campaign, Google will do everything else for you.

Google Ads is a fully automatized tool that will do a lot of work by itself. By means of advanced algorithms, it will self-improve and expand our campaign. Based on the activity of visitors to our competition Google users, it extends the operation of advertising with further related topics. GDN, so how is it work? Our potential customer planning to go on holiday. He starts to be interested in mountains destinations, browses pages, reads articles about the necessary equipment and technological innovations. Along with the increase in interest, trekking shops and portals begin to appear on visited portals. And these ads can come from our campaign.

In summary, GDN is an extremely effective marketing tool that allows you to reach more and more potential customers. However, it should not be forgotten that even the best marketing tool must be supported by appropriate work, preparation and setting up the campaign, taking into account information about the industry, competition and potential customer profile.