Discovery Ads as a new way to reach more clients

Discovery Ads as a new way to reach more clients

Nowadays, mobile devices allow their users to stay active from anywhere in the world, whenever the user wants to. In terms of shopping, this means that the way from finding a product to buying is significantly shortened and simplified.

Let’s take the example of a man who uses 64 days and visit over 230 places (we mean searches, blogs, websites) before buying a perfect pair of shoes. This is the whole process of choosing the best place to buy, the best product with an unlimited number of choices to make.

Discovery Ads is a new way of reaching the customer

In today’s world, we have more and more shopping options, but d not have enough time for it. This forces an individual brand to become needs creators in accordance with the profile of individual clients. For the customer, the purchase process, however, must be maximally simplified, while maintaining its uniqueness. It doesn’t matter if you run a small online store or a huge shop your goal as a seller remains the same: to reach with the right offer at the right time, the right recipient. Users ask Google to facilitate communication and find answers and solutions to new problems. Channels to reach potential recipients are intertwined, so whether we use YouTube, Gmail promotion, we can reach brands that interest us, which opens new channels to reach potential customers.

According to the latest research carried out by Google / Ipsos, 76% of customers value discovering the next stages of the purchasing process, while 85% of customers will take action on a newly discovered product after 24 hours, starting from reading opinions and comparing prices, and ending with the purchase of the product.

Google Discovery ads is a new tool, which helps us to reach potential clients searching through Google. A rich and creative advertising offer can inspire consumers, create buyers needs. With a wide Google coverage with innovative forms of advertising, we are sure that our offer goes in a situation where they are served by customers, allows us to send the intended sales goals.

Combined activities passed on to YouTube, Gmail and popular social media users and transferred to the intended goals through a single, coordinated acceptance. According to Daniel Pahl’s, Vice President of Tech Style, Discovery Ads gives an opportunity for huge brand development on an unprecedented large.

It is true that high-quality ads are tailored to customer reach tools and brand distinctions against competitors. The Ads Gallery currently running, i.e. unique features and content of the ad available for use by 25% of the results of the ad itself and more effectively desired content desired by sellers, reaching the client’s customer.

Due to the total that 60% of inquiries are very general, they view a given category or brand. With the help of Showcase Shopping ads – a form of advertising focused on the visual effect can be more precisely tailored to a larger number of unique opinions.